Thursday, March 28, 2013

Landscape Color Picking Exercises: Part 2 - My How You've Grown

March 2013

Similar to the previous posts, here are some more landscape thumbnails, this time focusing on a desert biome. I ended up spending more time on these than I planned, and so I only managed to kick out three before bed last night.

In doing the Google search for "desert landscapes", one of the first ones to show up was the photo that I referenced for the left-most painting... and it was familiar to me, because I realized that I tried painting it before!

Here is (gasp!) a piece I did from last September that uses the same image as inspiration... the original reference image is on the top left, my attempt is right next to it, and then the remaining four are invented. My goal with this was to look at the general color palette of a scene, and then try to invent geology with the same sort of mood. As you can see, color picking was not very good back then...

September 2012

As much as I hate to talk about this sort of thing, one can see a bit of improvement since last September. I still didn't pick the colors perfectly right last night, but I did way better, and all without the Eyedropper.

One of the major differences is that my current painting is less "muddy"... the sketches from September of 2012 show this perfectly, and coincidentally, the color palette suits that "muddy" description. What I mean by that is that the range of values isn't broad enough, and so all the colors sort of float around the midtones, which isn't very good for the illusion of depth. If you look at my painting from the other night, you can see how much I've used value to my advantage, from using near blacks in the shadows, and some very bright highlights elsewhere.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

Now that I'm caught up on the blog, it's back to the digital canvas... some more landscape thumbs tonight!

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