Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feeling healthy again

Well, after several days of feeling sick in random ways and being likewise exhausted, here are some of my most recent creations. First up, we have a somewhat loose rendition of a screenshot from a TV show. In this case, it's from the very dry British comedy Look Around You, and this is from the episode about... calcium.


And also a quick 20 minute sketch of an iconic scene from Pulp Fiction...

In the Pulp Fiction sketch, my goal was to try and capture the energy and the essence of the scene, while not focusing on details. I also wanted to try and capture the values and tones of the composition, that is to say, the darks and lights, the sense of brightness in some areas, and shadow in others. Other than capturing the energy, values, and the overall composition, my goal was just to paint and fast and loose as possible.

The Look Around You painting ended up a lot different...

I planned to do the same thing--a quick sketch--but then it stretched out into an extended study. I may go back and polish it up, but I'm fairly happy with how far I got in the hour or two that I worked on it. I also aim to not spend as much time on these things as I sometimes do... it can really mess with my sleep, and well, that's probably part of the reason I was sick over the weekend and the start of the week. Since I'm feeling a lot better and much more rested now, I should be back to my regularly scheduled creation... stay tuned!

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