Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Quick Pre-Work Landscape Sketch

This is from last Saturday afternoon, before heading off to work... I had been considering this painting for a bit, and Saturday I was in a bit of a rush and knew I'd be exhausted after work, and so I did this quick paint in about 10-15 minutes.

Very fast and loose with this... as with many of my landscapes these days, the goal is trying to choose my colors strictly from observation. For the first two or so months of my 365 Create project, I used the color picker, and it began to feel like a crutch. I saw a post on Facebook of some quick landscape thumbnails by Ron Lemen, talking about how it was a color picking exercise he liked to do. I tried it myself, loved it, and have been doing them off an on every since.

This particular piece isn't a one-to-one copy of the source material... in my rush to get done, I focused on the colors and mood more than accurately copying the landforms. The original picture is much cooler looking I think... even still, I like to get imaginative with the landscapes I do, at least in my head. I can picture some sort of cool stronghold or lighthouse carved into these rock outcroppings, with wood and rope bridges connecting them. Maybe I ought to start throwing in those little imaginative flourishes to my landscape studies?

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